Saturday, October 07, 2006

A Career?

It takes a special person to become a teacher, and even a more special person to stay in the profession for a long time. I respect those people, because I question my future in education everyday. For anyone considering teaching who might be reading this, don't let me discourage you; I just feel that we should show all sides of what we experience as teachers. Many days I spend more time dealing with misbehavior than educating the students. I find myself constantly telling the students that I am trying to give them a key to the future. However, the end of each day brings questions to mind: Is this what teaching is like? Am I teaching? What would it be like in a district with less discipline problems? Is this the career for me?
I think the last question is one that many of us have at least from time to time. For me, the scariest thought is waking up one day as a twenty-year veteran teacher and realizing that I stayed in the profession because it was comfortable. I'm not saying I'll quit teaching after this year (in fact I'm 99% sure I'll be doing it somewhere next year), but I know that I'll definitely have a big decision to make in the next few years. I love children, but only time will tell if I love them enough to keep doing this.
In other news, I like being in MTC but I think like most other 2nd years, I'm counting the classes left. It's been a good program, but it's also been exhausting. I can't wait to have my Saturdays free next semester. Also, Saturdays next fall will be devoted solely to college football. I look forward to that relief after long days at school. Many people are planning more graduate school, law school, medical school, etc., after this, but I think I want to focus more on either staying in this field or going directly into another career. If I ever go back for another degree, it will be later in life. I think I've hidden out in school for long enough, it's time to see the world.


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