Monday, May 29, 2006

Graduation Day

Yesterday was graduation day, and I got the chance to see several dozen students begin their journeys. Every teacher has that one student they kind of follow, well Cordarro was that for me this year. He skipped P.E. for at least 3/4 of the year and came to visit during my planning period (I probably shouldn't be telling you this). The coach never noticed because he didn't really take roll. I was sad to know that yesterday was the end, but I guess it's really the beginning. Cordarro sent a text message from his mother's phone yesterday thanking me for everything. If nothing else, I think I've let him know that he can do anything...I told him so many times, "Why let anything stop you? Don't worry about others who may doubt you or question your dreams."Cordarro dreams of making it in the music industry. I have no doubt that he will make it.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

The End in Sight

JJ works in the back of the classroom with a rag to clean something, although I'm not yet sure what. He has finished his final exam, and is ready for the day to be over so that summer can start. Like him and the others, I admit to myself that this is the end. The year went by fast, perhaps too fast. Now, I'm not saying that we should add more weeks, but I just realized that when I move I'm gonna miss these kids. Throughout the past nine months, the Delta and the kids here have become a part of me. You don't come here and live your own life; you share it with those of your students. Now that we are at the end, I can look back and honestly say that this has been an enlightening, fun, inspirational, depressing, frustrating, surprising, and crazy year. It was great. Next to my study abroad in college, I would say it has been the most interesting year of my life. Even though I've lived in MS all of my life, I found out that the Delta is like another country. I have so much respect for those who live here, and even more for those who choose to be educators here. It's not easy, but it fills a certain spot inside you knowing that you have (even if just a little) helped the students here. I look forward to moving to Jackson and moving on with my life, but I won't ever forget my first year as a teacher. I told the students the other day that I have learned I lot from them too. There are some great people here. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the catfish is the best! Well, I guess it's time to start packing. What was JJ cleaning??? His gold GRILL!