Monday, October 31, 2005

My Success Story

I have found many flaws in myself and my attempts to be an educator, but I have also seen some positive effects of my being at Simmons High School. Probably one of the successes that I am most proud of deals with one of my slower students.
During the 1st 9 wks, Zach was unsuccessful in my English III class. He wasn't a classroom management problem, he just refused to do any work. He sat there everyday and either slept or stared into space. While I can't attribute his change in behavior to anything that I have personally done, I like to think that maybe I affected him in some way (even if it was just a little bit).
Although he failed miserably the 1st 9 wks, Zach has started to attempt every assignment. The other day, I read one of his journal assignments. He clearly needs a lot of help with grammar, but I was excited because he had put forth the effort. I wrote a note on his paper letting him know how proud I was, and that I felt that he could and would be successful if he continued to believe in himself. I look forward to seeing what happens to him because he's the type of student that I am here for. It's easy to teach and motivate the smartest kids and hardest workers, but I want to reach those that others haven't quite been able to reach. I can't promise anything, but we'll see what happens.

The Month of October

October proved to be exactly like Ben said it would be, stressful. The days and weeks kind of ran together, but thank God it's over. I try to keep a positive perspective on things, but that month almost got the best of me. (Note to self: next year figure out a better way of dealing with it). Anyway, back to now. I'm still loving this job, still loving the kids, and still loving how both inspire me. I'm finally starting to get used to the Delta, and it's becoming home.
I feel like having one 9 wks behind me, I have learned a lot about what to do and what not to do. Most important, I've figured out that a major key in being a successful teacher is being organized. Until now, I've had stacks of papers at home, but it's all coming together nicely. I'm pretty much caught up on everything, so I'm ready for the next surprise they throw at me.
I don't really have a lot to say this month because all of the days pretty much seemed the same. However, it's good that I'm going into November and the 2nd 9 wks on a positive note. Well, I guess that's about it for now. Hopefully, I will be doing just as well (or better) this time next month.