Sunday, December 31, 2006


The first-years asked us how we feel about blogging. After thinking about it, I guess I see both the positive and negative sides of blogging.
First, I like how blogging gives me the opportunity to tell any MTC prospects about the teaching experience. When I was considering applying for MTC, I read the blogs that were written (only about two people blogged then). It gave me a pretty good preview of what to expect as a teacher. In addition, blogging gives me a chance to vent about the everyday events at school. When I blog, I also read about other teachers' experiences in the classroom. It provides a sort of discussion forum even away from classes at Ole Miss.
Blogging also has its negative side. While it hasn't hppened to me personally, I've heard about situations where people have had their blogs read by other faculty members at their schools. I guess this could be unfortunate depending on your personal situation. Hasn't happened to me so far, so I'm assuming it's the exception and not the norm.
Also, I just sometimes get tired of blogging. Sometimes you want to blog and sometimes you don't. I think it would be more effective if the blogging requirement was once per month. Some people don't even do it, so maybe this required 2 blogs a month isn't really serving it's true purpose (getting the true feelings of all 2nd year teachers). I just think it feels a bit forced at times.
How has my attitude toward blogging changed? Well, in the beginning I thought it would be this great idea for discussion. Now, I still think it's useful, but I prefer reading them to writing them. I do think the second-years should be excused from writing them now that we have finished our coursework. Some people would still do it, and others probably won't do it anyway.


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